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Adding texts

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How and where to add texts

First and foremost: to add a file, you must log in. The username and passwords are the same that are used on the e-mail server Before you log in for the first time, you should join the portal (use the join tab above).

There are two questions: how and where to add a file.

  • Where to add a file?
    • If the file does not fit well in the categories below, (or if you did not ask permission to add files there), or if you just want to experiment with the portal, you may add a file inside your personal space: click on my folder on top right.
    • If the file is part of a class, the best place for adding a text is to create an appropriate folder inside the Classes folder.
    • Similarly you may add problems or notes
  • What are the correct steps to add file? Read the complete help on adding files, that you can access from the howto-file tab above.
    • Go inside the folder where you want to create the file.
    • Then, you may add files: click on add new item, and select the most appropriate type for your file.
    • If you are in doubt, you should create LaTeX or PDF files
    • While you are adding and editing a file, you may at any moment click on 'guide': the guide is a stripped down version of howto-file, that will suggest to you what are the right actions to do.
    • If you cannot perform the above operations, then you may ask to the portal administrator permissions.
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